Botox and Face Lift

The fresh elegant appeal of face and smile of early twenties takes dark tanned patch of shades in thirties of life. In our forties, gravity seems down the aging process, skin losses its elasticity, sagging appears.

Now a constellation of remarkable non surgical treatment avails to make your more luminious, firmer and younger. Now the procedures avail of are very technique sensitive and need expertise medicos to do it. Dr Milan had extensive module ratified training on facelift and Botox. From SURREY, LONDON.

Some Common FAQ

Q - Where my procedure would be performed?

A - Most non invasive procedures are performed on a dentist’s chair with a comfortable head rest. No disrobing rather a drap is covered over your dreming and head cap wrapped before procedure dentist’s clinic.

Q- What are the potential risks?

A - Even risk is very minimal, buy ask the dentist about individual chemical. Its occur any allergy or any reaction rare but if they do occur how to be handled. Preferably by banti allergic injection instantly.

Q - What's the total recovery time?

A- Non surgical Botox or lift does not take time like invasive surgery some procedure takes 2 weeks time to frame photogenic.


Botox eliminates dynamic WRINKLES those that form as a result of facial expression, by paralyzing the underlying muscles which contract and cause the wrinkle. When Botox injected by specialized needles beneath the skin it blocks chemical release of acetylcholine.

Are you a candidate for Botox?

Botox is a safe procedure for vast majority of people. We will determine whether you have allergies to any of components is a Botox solution including albumin [Its blood derived protein].