Mission & vision

We had dedicated self on a mission to provide optimal oral care to the bottom sfrata of society and rejoicing smile back in every lost mouth hence bring back joy in their life. Our vision is to deliver ultimate oral care to the real needy at optimal financial freedom.

Clinical value

Retaining stenlaization and the very necessity instrumentation with regular up gradation of clinician as well auxiliaries is the basic ethics and value of the clinic. Which we do since a decade with central registration autoclape and ISO standardization.

We have the gen-y state of art gadgets and innovations from world class service providers to deliver the best. To name a few we are the
1st microscope from ZISSE
1st basal implant from STRUMAN
1st Piezo device from Meetron
1st SAF from Israel at your clinic care
Is not only in Odisha but in eastern India, we have surge cattery and Laser all for oral and Perio oral care.


We have the latest state art equipment from world renowned manufactures like-KERR,MICROMEGA, ZISSE, HEINE, WnH, SIRONA, Philips etc.

Team Work

We have a core of surgeons and certified auxiliary united to achieve the dream of serving mankind to our best effort tuned as a team to deliver core care to our visitors for diagnostics as well treatment planning we include LAB as well visiting surgeons. Much before we do the surgical intervention hence we are the best Re-treatment clinic in eastern India as certified by international standardization.


We keep our self in highest Avinue of ethics, integrity accountability hence deliver service record be in a professional software called PRACTO. We had been the best valued MEDICAL TOURIST DENTAL center by several tour operators including IBIBO, ESSELS, we had been awarded outstanding dental service clinic by "Ashapradeep, News agency and AUDE Bhubaneswar".


Each staff of our has obligation to uphold our mission and our clinical values. This requires constant vigilance and devotion to give our very best care with every patient every moment. We have self check electric record system at each case carted in our clinic.